INDUSTRIES | Asphalt Plant


Verify your machinery has been greased correctly, prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs with GreaseBoss.

With continuous and increasing demand for asphalt products from industry and government, keeping plant operating and drum mixers rolling is essential for both business and society. We are already helping asphalt plants in Australia eliminate their unplanned downtime.

GreaseBoss works with businesses to eliminate 99% of the risk of grease related failures. For asphalt factories, this means we can significantly reduce unplanned downtime of machinery, remove the need for expensive reworking of product mix and avoid incurring liquidated damages clauses in supply contracts. 

Predictive maintenance has shown to:

  • Planned preventative lubrication maintenance programme is verified and adhered to
  • Increase productivity of maintenance teams on large plants
  • Ensure compliance to OEM compliance requirements
  • Reduce unplanned breakdowns. Standing down road crews costs business on average $20,000 per shift and Asphalt manufacturers $400,000 in lost production
  • Provide empirical data to inform warranty claims


Manual Head Unit & Greasetags

Digitise your greasing and improve reliability with GreaseBoss QuickFit GreaseTags and our retrofittable head unit. GreaseBoss automates the collection of your grease data so you can rest easy knowing the heavy machinery is greased with the right type, at the right time and in the right amount.

Greaseboss Endpoint: SinglePoint & MultiPoint

GreaseBoss offers two types of Endpoints, so all your manual and auto-lubrication needs are covered. Improve your plant maintenance by attaching the Endpoints to your heavy machinery allowing you to manage grease consumption in near real time visibility.

Greaseboss API

GreaseBoss superpowers your Ai and ML predictive capability with our patent API architecture. Improve environmental monitoring, mechanical and maintenance team performance and keep track of your inventory all in a simple, innovative system.


Integrable into your existing maintenance software, the GreaseCloud unifies your grease records and scheduling, accessed through a browser-based web app. Met with a simple dashboard interface, the GreaseCloud allows you to quickly absorb your greasing data and address any problems so you can get on with the job.