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Know your plant is greased correctly

Reduce unplanned costs by knowing your plant is greased with GreaseBoss.

Greasing for construction material operations presents some unique challenges. Conveyors, screens and crushers have many points to grease, often in hard to reach locations. Combined with a lack of labour availability, this makes keeping track of your greasing difficult to achieve and ends in costly breakdowns and loss of productivity. 

Get on top of your greasing with GreaseBoss, using track and trace technology to supercharge your predictive maintenance.

  • Easy to use activity-based reporting dashboard simplifies your greasing analytics so you can get on with the job.
  • GreaseBoss is simple and intuitive, requiring minimal training so your team can get straight to deploying the system without the need for extensive training or IT support.
  • With a low purchase price and lease or m2m payment options, GreaseBoss is an affordable option to keep your site safer, more reliable and more productive.

Machine Types

Once the GreaseBoss system is notified of the manufacturer’s lubrication requirements in terms of frequency and volume, the next step is to assist users on site to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Expensive to repair and labour consuming due to the need for large cranes, each conveyor requires different but precise greasing methods. Proper lubrication is critical for ensuring the conveyors run smoothly and at optimal efficiency.

Vibrating Screens

Bearings experience extreme vibrating operational conditions when on vibrating screens. This causes grease to soften or liquefy which raises temperatures and causes premature bearing failure. Greasing at the right intervals is critical for this machinery.

Concrete Batching Plant

It is essential that each bearing in a concrete batching plant is checked daily. Keeping contaminants out and strictly following a maintenance planner to ensure each bearing is greased in the right amount, at the right time is vital.


Manual Head Unit & Greasetags

QuickFit technology allows you to rapidly deploy GreaseTags to all grease points in your plant. Pick up the retrofittable head unit and start tracking your greasing straight away knowing that you are greasing each point with the right type, at the right time and in the right amount.

Greaseboss Endpoint: SinglePoint & MultiPoint

Reduce unplanned breakdowns with near real time visibility over auto-lubrication systems. Monitor single and multipoint performance and manage your grease consumption, improving the reliability of your plant maintenance.

Email Reporting

Get real time greasing data delivered straight to your email in a simple to read report. The GreaseBoss API supercharges your predictive maintenance, compiles the data in the secure GreaseCloud and regularly updates you via email so you can keep track of your data and trace errors back to the source.