GreaseBoss is retrofittable and can be fitted onto your current grease tools – powered or manual, many brands supported.
Integrated Flowmeter that measures how much grease you deliver each time you grease.
Rugged Durable Design. GreaseBoss is designed for the most demanding applications, rated to 10,000 psi.
Quick Clip Nipple Grip. The locking teeth ensure a perfect connection to the nipple every time.
Patented RFID Nozzle. Custom tuned RFID aerial incorporated into the nozzle


The track & trace for manual greasing

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The track and trace for manual greasing, our QuickFit Tags are designed to be rapidly deployed within seconds to any grease point in your plant, without the need for extensive training and labour.

The GreaseBoss Head Unit comes with Wifi and SIM card connectivity, offering wireless connectivity to the Telstra NB-IoT network or your local plant WiFi so you stay connected no matter where your plant is located.

deploy GreaseBoss with minimal skills and labour

Retrofittable to manual and automatic grease guns, the GreaseBoss Head Unit gives you full visibility over all aspects of your greasing point. With a simple user interface, GreaseBoss removes unnecessary frills so anyone can pick up a GreaseBoss system and start greasing at once.

GreaseBoss is engineered with aircraft grade aluminium chassis, chemically and heat resistant plastics and 10,000 psi pressure rating. Built to withstand the harshest environments, you know you can rely on GreaseBoss when you need it most.

GreaseBoss Unboxing video