Meet the GreaseBoss Founders

COO: Tim Hall



Tim is our hardcore COO with an incurable addiction to detail. He has developed a broad skillset through a career that’s progressed from mechanical field engineer to project manager, eco-resort manager, and entrepreneur.

Tim loves leading technical, engineering focussed ventures to success.

He has succeeded in large-scale industrial construction, advanced helicopter modification, underwater drone development, and digital radio network implementation projects.

CEO: Steve Barnett

MBA, B.Eng


Steve has alternated between mechanical engineering and front-line sales for the past 14 years. He ultimately ended up in sales, because he discovered he is better at talking than calculations.

Steve has worked with the world’s biggest industrial companies to improve maintenance practices, increase productivity and reduce waste.

Steve has spent several years participating in the Brisbane startup community looking for opportunities to bring tech into industrial machinery.

CTO: Peter Condoleon

B.Eng (Mechatronics)

B.InfTech(Computer Systems & Networks)

Peter is the technical co-founder of GreaseBoss.

With experience ranging from the development of computer and web applications to the design of robotics and embedded systems.

Peter has studied in Japan where he explored advanced manufacturing practices.

Peter is the brains of GreaseBoss, he is the rare type of engineer who understands electronics, mechanical design, software and can talk to humans effectively.

Meet the GreaseBoss Team

Jack Gosdschan

Industrial Designer

If Jony Ive and Mick Fanning had a baby, they would call him Jack.

Jack is our Industrial Designer, he ensures that our product will always be solving real-world customer problems.

He likes interviewing users, observing GreaseBoss in the field and having a sausage sandwich on a Friday afternoon.

Adam Moore

Customer Sucess Manager

Adam has over a decade supporting the Mining Safety Industry with complex radar and laser-based high-precision, measurement devices.

With skills that are both highly valued and difficult to quantify Adam is here to help you get the absolute most out of the GreaseBoss system.