INDUSTRIES | Utilities

Drive operational performance in the utilities industry

Have confidence knowing you can rely on the GreaseBoss system to keep your plant running at optimal levels.

Utilities are indispensable. Operations such as water infrastructure, sewage and power plants have a critical role to play in society and are under immense pressure to remain operational 24/7. There is no room for unplanned breakdowns or human error. The consequences are broad and can lead to catastrophic events. Ensure your plant is safer, more reliable, and more productive with the GreaseBoss system.

Comply with OEMs

Power Plants experience breakdowns once every 2.7 days. Address the problem before it occurs with track and trace technology built to define, measure, analyse, improve, and control your greasing. View your data in the compliance dashboard of GreaseCloud so you can ensure you are complying with OEMs.

Keep track of your records

With no capacity for mistakes, hold contractors accountable with the GreaseCloud system. The world’s first single source of truth, we use cloud-based grease tracking to unify your greasing data into one simple system so you can stay on top of your record keeping.

Machine Types

Once the GreaseBoss system is notified of the manufacturer’s lubrication requirements in terms of frequency and volume, the next step is to assist users on site to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Water Pumps

Bearing life is reduced by 48% when as little as 0.002% enters the bearing oil. With such a small margin of error, water pumps are especially susceptible to bearing damage. Aspiration, packing leakage and wash down hoses are the main sources of moisture contamination.

Electric Motors

90% of electrical energy consumed in the utilities industry stems from electric motors. Maintaining an efficient lubrication system is vital for keeping your motors running 24/7.

Filter Press

The right grease, in the right amount, at the right time, is the key to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of feedback signal device motions in the automatic control system of a filter press.


Manual Greasing with the Head Unit

QuickFit technology allows you to rapidly deploy GreaseTags to all grease points in your plant. Pick up the retrofittable head unit and start tracking your greasing straight away knowing that you are greasing each point with the right type, at the right time and in the right amount.

Email Reporting

GreaseBoss API superpowers your AI and ML predictive capabilities so you can keep track of your mechanical and team performance and inventory, delivered to you in an easy-to-read email report. This allows you to see your grease data and quickly equip your people with the right data to do their job effectively.