Our journey as pioneers in lubrication management started in the summer of 2019 after an incident at a working mine in Australia.

A conveyor tail pulley collapsed causing a near miss to staff. With no way to trace the real cause behind the failure; the management team were, wrongly, told the pulley had been correctly greased. It hadn’t. It was lacking the right grease it needed to prevent breakdown. The spark was lit and the idea behind GreaseBoss was born.

Capturing the imagination of founders Tim and Peter, they got to work in Tim’s garage at home to solve the challenge of unplanned downtime caused by incorrect greasing, which costs industries around the world $800bn in lost productivity every year.

Over many long days and nights, the genesis of the operating system concepts and prototype equipment that you see today emerged.

With additional inspiration and investment from around the world and at home in Australia, GreaseBoss was established as a company in January 2020. Later that year, collaboration resulted in the launch of the first prototype GreaseBoss Head Unit which deploys cloud-based software to help prevent heavy machinery breakdowns. Recognising the need for a system that can be deployed rapidly and with minimal skills and training, the patented Quick Fit technology was created. This was coupled with a simplified system, enabling anyone in any business to use it.

Gaining global recognition for addressing a critical gap in the industry, GreaseBoss joined YCombinator in Silicon Valley. This investment allowed us to open up our new headquarters and production facility on Sunshine Coast, helping us keep our products Australian-made and owned.

All along our journey we have kept, and always will, the pioneering spirit forged in those early days. This spirit makes sure we continue to meet the unique challenges of our customers around the world.

We combine our team’s heavy industry experience with the complex and varied needs of customers, to continuously develop and improve our innovative and adaptable lubrication solutions. Using track and trace technology and a simple reporting system, GreaseBoss guarantees our customers continually improve their plant safety, reliability and productivity. The end result of that journey is simple. When it comes to their machinery, our clients can lubricate with confidence.

Come and take the journey with us.


To be the world leader, setting the standards in industrial lubrication management.


To continuously innovate and develop pioneering lubrication solutions to eliminate unplanned downtime and minimise the resources required to manage industrial lubrication.


Simplicity – Innovation – Confidence – Reliability