Greaseboss verifies your machinery is greased correctly

Right Grease, Right Amount, Right Time, Every Time

Leading the Digital Transformation of Greasing

GreaseBoss gives your people the right data to do their jobs effectively and eliminate the risk of incorrect greasing. Our system is simple to use and can be easily retrofitted into existing industrial equipment and grease delivery systems.

Why Greaseboss?

  • Prevent avoidable breakdowns
  • Gain visibility for greasing – automatic and manual
  • Remotely monitor multiple sites
  • Systemise greasing for high staff turnover

How does the greaseboss system work?

About Greaseboss

Founded on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, our story begins in the mining industry where founders Tim, and Pete recognised a gap in innovative lubrication products and systems needed to address some of the biggest and most costly issues for operations.



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