Detect common autoluber issues before they occur – empty grease canisters, flat batteries, broken hoses.
Ensure your autolubers are performing as you expect. Monitor actual grease delivered vs target volumes, all accessible through the GreaseCloud.
Quick and simple installation onto any autoluber system under 5000 psi rating. Start tracking your autolubers in minutes.


Manage & Monitor auto-lubers

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Utilising our patented technology, Endpoint allows you to start tracking your greasing analytics within minutes. Using low energy Bluetooth, the GreaseBoss Endpoint measures and verifies the flow of grease as it enters the machine.

monitor and manage your autolubrication systems
like never before.

Designed for single and multi-point auto lubrication systems, you can be sure your machines are correctly greased with the Endpoint system.

When you combine the Endpoint with the manual Head Unit, GreaseBoss offers the first system of its kind to give full visibility over the greasing status of every grease point in your plant by detecting common auto-luber issues before they occur, saving you from costly breakdowns.