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Chief Operating Officer

With a keen eye for detail, Tim has developed a broad skill set through a career that progressed from mechanical field engineer to project manager, eco-resort manager, and entrepreneur. He has succeeded in large-scale industrial construction, advanced helicopter modification, underwater drone development and digital radio network implementation projects.

Tim’s passion lies in leading technical engineering focused ventures to success. As COO, Tim’s responsibility is to look after business operations including product development and engineering projects as well as customer support, so we can deliver high quality products to our customers and build on your feedback to continuously improve GreaseBoss systems.


Chief Executive Office

Steve has worked with the world’s biggest industrial companies to improve maintenance practices, increase productivity, and reduce waste as well as spending several years participating in the Brisbane start up community looking for opportunities to ignite the digital revolution in the industrial machinery industry.

With 14 years’ experience in mechanical engineering and front-line sales, Steve is involved in all aspects of the business to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.


Chief Technology Officer

Peter is the technical co-founder of GreaseBoss. With experience ranging from the development of computer and web applications to the design of robotics and embedded systems, Peter combines his practical knowledge gained in Japan, where he studied advanced manufacturing practices, and his lived experience to be the brains of GreaseBoss.

Peter is responsible for the design and firmware that powers GreaseBoss as well as developing the GreaseCloud system which allows users to improve the efficiency of their lubrication practices by tracking their analytics and reporting.



Industrial Designer

Jack is responsible for designing the hardware and software of GreaseBoss to best serve the needs of our customers. His previous experience at an injection moulding business as well as working on a number of freelance projects helped him hone his design thinking skills to solve real-world problems through innovative products.

Jack is often out observing GreaseBoss in the field and interviewing users so that we can ensure our product is consistently solving real-life customer problems.


Customer Sucess Manager

Our CSM’s primary objective is to help YOU succeed! Adam and his team are the secret weapon inside GreaseBoss, developing reports and optimising the system making recommendations, with your objectives in mind.

Customer service is in his DNA. Working with customer teams to continuously improve your mean time between failure and repair, you will find him on site working closely with your team to assist with smooth system integration.


Head of Software

For over 20 years, James has cultivated his expertise by developing hardware and software products for mining, aerospace and defence applications.

Passionate about developing products that make a difference using smart and innovative solutions, James takes the niche requirements of our customers and converts them into software solutions and features within the GreaseCloud platform.


Business Manager

Qualified as a mechanical engineer, Eric has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and has spent time in the Middle East working on the development of onshore sour gas fields.

His many years of practical experience and training in tribology makes Eric the perfect candidate to ensure the development and growth of GreaseBoss.